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Justin, meanwhile, is a clear Pisces, and although you'd think fire and water are total opposites, they actually can complement each other really well. "Both signs are mutable signs — they're considered to have similar traits of being adaptable, versatile, and flexible," adds Jakesastrology. 2. Sags and Pisces are totally the PDA types . For starters, Sags and Pisces in general aren't ones to shy away from the public. "They both do what they want and don’t care what others have to say!" says Jakesastrology. Justin and Hailey also are very into each other due to a different sign — Libra. "Justin’s Moon sign — his inner self, his emotions, reactions — is in Libra, and so is Hailey’s Venus — the planet showing what she’s attracted to, how she feels about relationships," Jakesastrology says. He also notes that Justin's Moon and Hailey's Venus are almost at the same point in Libra, creating an almost supernaturally-strong attraction.

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